Welcome to Social Signals No 20, your fortnightly feed of insights and what’s hot from the world of Social Media, Video and Content Marketing.

 This week we find out how the #metoo hashtag went viralhow Maybelline is winning at social, and argue why you should think of content as a relationship and not a product. We ask the question which is better Facebook advertising or Influencer marketing? And show you how you can lead a better digital life with your very own 8-day digital detox program.

If that wasn’t enough we look forward to 2018 and the trends that marketers need to be aware of. Meanwhile, our video of the week features Jean Baptiste Chandelier who defies gravity in his awesome paragliding branded video.

All this and more when you get stuck into this week’s stories to inform, inspire and get you fired up and help unlock the potential of the brands you work for. You know you want to.


Influencer Marketing Vs Facebook Advertising: Which is better?




Native advertising and influencer marketing offer distinct opportunities in terms of form/medium, reach, and engagement. We take a look at what the differences mean for businesses, as well as which approach might be most beneficial for a particular campaign.


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Me Too's Global Moment: The Anatomy of a Global Viral Campaign  




In mid-October, shortly after sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein were first reported, actress Alyssa Milano posted an open letter on Twitter that encouraged victims of sexual abuse to share the magnitude of the problem, using the reply "Me Too." Milano's call-out -- the extension of an activist's campaign launched a decade prior -- was aimed to give the world a "sense of the magnitude of the problem." And it certainly did


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Why Maybelline is Winning at Social  


gigi hadjd maybelline


Among beauty brands, Maybelline is the master of driving social media engagement. The L’Oréal-owned brand has beat out its parent company, as well as competitors including Estée Lauder and Revlon, in cross-platform engagement since the start of the year, according to recent analysis from ShareIQ, a social analytics company. 


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Content isn't a product it's a relationship “‘Make relationships, not things 




Brands think of content as another product to create, but content isn’t a thing. Content is a relationship. The simple truth is all storytelling begins with deciding what kind of relationship you want to have with your audience. And once you accept this statement you’ll be free to stop deliberating about what to make, or how to make it, or whether it will go viral. 


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Facebook Launches Creator App for Influencers to build Video Communities




Facebook wants to turn mindless, passive video consumption into “time well spent,” and now it’s giving social media stars a powerful tool to foster communities around their content. Facebook Creator, offers influencers a Live Creative Kit plus Messenger chats, cross-posting to Twitter and expansive analytics.


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The 8-Day Guide to a Better Digital Life 


digital detox


Your apps, search engines and social networks know hidden things about you that even your closest friends might not. To find out just how much, Sophia Smith Galer tries a programme called the Data Detox. Find out how it just my change your digital life.


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How are you planning to change your content marketing in 2018? 




We’re at the end of 2017, cruising into the all-important holiday season, and you’re probably focused on closing out the year on a strong note. However, have you started thinking about your 2018 program? How are you changing your content marketing next year? To help you plan ahead we predict the changes you can expect to see next year.


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Video of the Week: Weightless


We all know that humans can’t fly but try telling that to paraglider Jean Baptiste Chandelier who has created a video of sheer artistry in conjunction with Adidas. Perhaps the most awesome piece of branded content we have seen all year. But don’t take our word for it decide for yourself!