Welcome to Social Signals No 19, your fortnightly feed of insights and what’s hot from the world of Social Media, Video and Content Marketing. 

This week we find out the essential social pillars you should use when creating video, how to use video more effectively on Instagram, and how to inject more emotion into your content.

Our must-read article this week comes from experienced marketer Josh Spector who outlines his ultimate guide to growing your audience online.

Meanwhile, our video of the week features Aussie legend Turia Pitt who has a message for us all about self-worth.

All this and more when you get stuck into this week’s stories to inform, inspire and get you fired up and help unlock the potential of the brands you work for. You know you want to.


The 4 Essential Social Content Pillars to Create Video for the Mobile Newsfeed.  


4 essential content pillars for creating video in thee mobile newsfeed


Today, anyone can create content and call themselves a publisher, which means we need to work especially hard to cut through the clutter and get through to a person at the right time in the right place. So to help you do this here are a few key social pillars courtesy of the Evolve content team you need to consider when creating video for the mobile newsfeed? 


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Visit Scotland Opens Instagram Travel Agency


VisitScotland has brought the digital world to a bricks-and-mortar experience. Visitors to the London pop-up shop can plan a dream holiday to Scotland based on their favourite pictures posted by other travellers on Instagram.   Watch the Video below to find out how they've done this.



Fleeting doesn’t have to mean forgettable!  While some in the industry may be shy to experiment with new formats and limitations, these emerging platforms have contributed to a newfound creativity in advertising. Find out why the ephemerality on Instagram Stories, for example, is a massive opportunity you should embrace.


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The Ultimate Guide to growing your Audience


the ultimate guide to growing your audience


Great overview from experienced marketer Josh Spector designed to help you develop a strategy you can adapt to your own particular goals and needs. What follows is a breakdown of the keys to audience growth and how to establish the necessary mindset to build your fanbase and further your career in social /digital marketing.


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How to inject emotion into your content with TV series ‘This is Us’




As content marketers, we understand the value of creating a story that audiences don’t want to miss. It’s a worthy goal. How can we create something worthy of such a strong personal investment from our audiences? To help you create content that generates deeper engagement we took a deep dive into the world of “This Is Us” to share their evocative storytelling secrets.


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How To Use Video To Promote Your Business On Instagram


instagram video


Text-based content is always going to be kicking around, even if it’s gone through a bit of a change recently. With the rise of voice assistants like Alexa Echo and Google Assistant, it’s clear that incorporating voice command into our website copy as well as increasing the amount of quality, conversational style content, are imperatives. However, the next challenge for marketers, if they have any hope of surviving on social media, is the adoption of the video format.


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Facebook 3D lets you play with VR objects in the newsfeed


Facebook 3D posts lets you play with VR objects in the newsfeed


At the Oculus Connect 4 conference recently, Facebook previewed 3D posts, a new type of News Feed post where users can grab, spin and interact with a 3D object to look at it from all angles. What Facebook wants is to let you create virtual objects via its Oculus & its VR spaces platforms and then share them with friends who don’t have a VR headset. What does this mean for social interaction online?


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Facebook lets brands dive into people’s posts


facebook tests letting brands dive into peoples posts


The extension of Facebook's Audience Insights API platform, isn't expected to be widely available until next year, but those beta partners, which include agencies and media companies, have been granted access to Facebook's vast history of public posts to see what topics, themes, brands and products are being discussed with users' identities are withheld.


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Video of the Week -Life’s Incredible via Super Nature Foods


Featuring brand ambassador Turia Pitt this trending video features a powerful message that self-worth is not all about likes and how eating well is key to achieving wellness and self-belief in a social media-driven world.   


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