David Wesson

Director, Social Media Strategy, Strategic Social Media and Engagement

David’s top tier experience includes defining and implementing media strategies for Meriton, Rebel Sport, FIJI Water, Sanitarium, Sony & The NSW Waratahs. 

"Driving value by connecting brands to fans"

Nicole Sidoti

Creative Director, Production team

Nicole has a broad skillset, with a design scope that includes branding, user experience design for web, mobile and tablet applications and the visual representation of data.

"Helping entrepreneurs leverage the power of design" 


Kevin Lippy

Head Community Strategist, Building Brand Communities

Kevin manages & develops fully integrated branding social channels to deliver business value for our clients linked to their business objectives.

"Building value driven channels for brands" 


Gareth Carr

Video & Creative Director,
Digital Storytelling Solution 

Gareth has extensive high-end video production experience working with some of Australia’s best known brands across a variety of film and advertising projects over the last 10 years in Europe and Australia. 

"Creating engaging experiences through the power of social video

Ben Barren

Senior Social Media Analyst, 
Integrating Social Networks

Ben tracks and monitors brand social data to deliver marketing insight that lead informed marketingand has worked for a large range of tier 1 Australian brands over the last 4 years. 

"Creating Data Driven Insights & Marketing Results from Fans"

Andrew Tweedie

Senior Project Manager, Product Manager, Managing Mobile, Web & Social App Development

Andrew has helped some of Australia’s top companies define and implement their digital solutions including BigPond, Pepsi, and Qantas.

"From strategy to delivery"