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This week we find out why Tastemade’s videos are working so well on Facebook and countdown to the launch of Evolve’s brand guide to creating the winning recipe with social video and chat with prolific Content Creator Matthew Vandeputte

We learn about the rise of the tweenage vlogger and examine how Reebok is using reactive storytelling for social wins. Meanwhile, our video of the week features some glorious fluffy dog webcam action courtesy of Sainsburys UK spring campaign. If that wasn’t enough we deep dive into how to use Instagram stories new location and hashtag feature and discover 18 ways to peak your creativity and turn your stories into a work of art.

All this and more when you get stuck into this week’s stories to inform, inspire and get you fired up for the working week. You know you want to.


Content Creator Matthew Vandeputte Talks about How to Create and Produce Social Video Efficiently 


We talked to prolific content creator and time-lapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte (aka @MatJoez) as part of our brand guide to social video who shared his insights and creative process, on how to create and produce content more efficiently.



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Now Marketers Can Actually Read Your Photos On Instagram And Facebook


So a brand like McDonald’s will know if you’re hungry, eating the competition, and more. Yeah it’s weird, but will it make online ads better?


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What Can The Samsung Ostrich Teach Content Marketers About Storytelling?


The art of storytelling has developed through time from myths, legends and fairy tales into a powerful marketing technique that should feature in all successful content marketing strategies. 



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How Reebok masters reactive storytelling for social wins


Reactive storytelling can create viral wins for brands on social. Reebok’s Dan Mazei shares the secret formula to creating a nimble, strategic brand newsroom. Reactive storytelling is a way for brands to deliver a relevant message on a viral moment in the social sphere.



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Snackable Content About Snacks: Why Tastemade’s Facebook Videos Are Working


Do you ever feel like food was created for social media? With so many channels and platforms devoted to the food & beverage industry today, your answer is probably “yes.” With over 24.5 Million followers on Facebook alone, Tastemade is taking full advantage of food’s online popularity.




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How To Use Instagram Location Stories, Hashtag Stories


Want an inside peek at city's offerings before going? Just search for the city to see and find out where locals and other tourists are eating, shopping, and staying? Both hashtag and location Stories are an extension of the Explore tab, which makes it easy to see what users beyond your immediate group of friends are posting on the same topics or at the same places.



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18 Ways to reach peak creativity with Instagram Stories


With more one third of most stories from businesses isn’t it about time you learned to master Instagram with a few tips and tricks to turn your stories into a thing of beauty — or, at the very least, one of many artfully drawn thought bubbles and color blocks..



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The Rise of the Tweenage Vlogger


Nikki Christou, 12, known in the vlogging world as Nikki Lilly, makes YouTube videos about baking, make-up and a rare medical condition known as arterial venous malformation (AVM), which she was diagnosed with when she was six. she currently has 200,000 followers and hopes to break the million mark at some point



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Video of the Week -Sainsburys Spring, Out Out Out.

A webcam mounted on an energetic fluffy dog mixed up with stop motion food products straight from an Instagram feed make this our pick for video of the week. It is fun, simple, creative and oh so effective.  



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