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This week fresh from our filming trip to American Samoa, (pictured above) we share with you the secrets to live-streaming success, and the latest social insights from SMW New York.

And if that's not enough to whet your appetite, we dial you in why Instagram will overtake Facebook, and what content trends are rocking the world of fitness.

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Social Media Live-Streaming the New Reality TV Transforming Marketing



Thought about adding social live-streaming to your marketing mix? Learn how as we talk to Sydney social personality and businessman John Kapos aka 'Chocolate Johnny' who has built a global brand through live-streaming. And if you want to learn more, Evolve is offering Its lucky readers a discount on his new live-streaming success course.


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Why The ‘Play’ Button Is the Most Compelling Call-To-Action on The Web Right Now




At SMWNYC, Animoto Chief Video Officer, Jason Hsiao, shared three core areas for creating successful video. The stats for using video on social media are hugely convincing, but it’s not easy to create a video that will “go viral” or instantly capture large audiences to break through the cultural zeitgeist.
Speaking on stage at Social Media Week New York, Animoto’s Chief Video Officer, Jason Hsiao, shared three foundational elements to creating a successful video: creativity, connection, and community.


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Fitness Content Marketing: 2018’s Top Trends




For professional and would-be athletes alike, working out is often more mental than physical. From building regular workouts into your routine and accomplishing your goals, your feelings play a part in every aspect of your physical fitness. The right kind of storytelling has the potential to inspire and drive people to perform their best, and build close-knit communities of like-minded enthusiasts. Here’s how some of today’s leading fitness brands are using content marketing to get audiences pumped and eager for every workout.


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9 Reasons Instagram Will Overtake Facebook



In 2012, $1 billion seemed like an awful lot to pay for Instagram, but, it's turned out to be a very shrewd business move, as the growth of Instagram is showing no signs of slowing down, in contrast to that of Facebook. Find out why we agree with our friends at Convince and convert that Instagram is poised to overtake Facebook by 2020.


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The world’s most popular iPhone app isn’t Facebook or WhatsApp it’s ….




The app dominating iPhone downloads this year isn’t the one many would’ve expected. The Chinese mini-music-video social network Douyin was the most downloaded iOS app in the first quarter of 2018, according to a new report and the above video highlights the latest ways Asian teenagers are using mobile video to engage their followers and is well worth a watch.


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The Beginners Guide to Photography with Lauren Bath


Lauren Bath Profile.jpg


Are you a hot shot? Well, you just might be with this excellent new digital photography course from Instagrammer extraordinaire Lauren Bath. It is a must for anybody serious about wanting to learn photography, either as part of their content marketing or as a hobby. Having just completed the course myself, Lauren shares all her knowledge and passion, in an easy to understand four-step program that will have you mastering your camera, and sharing inspiring moments in no time so, what are you waiting for? 

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Video of The week -Hawaiki Cable American Samoa Marine Landing


We travelled to the beautiful Polynesian Island of American Samoa recently to film the marine landing of the Hawaiki Cable system. The system will be launched in July and will boost connectivity from Australia to the US via the South Pacific. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did making it. 

Furthermore, if you’ve never travelled to Samoa here are a few reasons why it’s worth considering as a holiday destination which our film crew recorded in their downtime.

Happy watching!  




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