Built a global public art brand: $3.6m of earned media value created at extremely low cost, with over 40k user generated photos and over 2.1m engaged fans.

Their campaigns have driven great results for us and literally connected us with thousands of new and existing visitors as well as exhibiting artists and has essentially created a social advocacy program which is engaging and building our online community year on year.
— Hayley Baynard, National Sponsorship and philanthropy Manager


  • Challenge: Client approached Evolve in the formative stages of Sculpture by the Sea (which had negligible online reach) with a brief to build a global brand. Their wish was to showcase Bondi and later Cottesloe with an outdoor exhibition of artwork to a local and global audience. The challenge was to drive engagement and awareness of exhibition artists and public programs.
  • Strategy: Create eco-system of user generated content, complemented by daily feed of highly shareable professional short-form visual and video content, using a range of promotional, paid social, and channel specific contests and hashtags.
  • Result: Evolve has worked between Oct 2013–Mar 2016 on 6 different Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions. The agency has helped create a global brand while creating millions of dollars of media value for Sculpture by the Sea by a combination of high quality video/visual content and stimulating user generated content.