Welcome to the Social Signals No 13 your weekly feed of insights and what’s hot from the world of Social Media, Video and Content Marketing. This week we get ready to go big with our content marketing in 2017 and we talk social video metrics. We rule the roost over the recent Superbowl17 Ads and ask the question which ones delivered and which ones didn’t? And whilst we talking Social Video, Facebook has a series of important new video updates to pay attention to, whilst Mark Zuckerberg lays out his Facebook manifesto to connect the world and beat fake news.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed wants to burst your social media bubble and Snapchat spectacles go on sale online in the US which begs the question when are they coming to Australia?  All this and more when you get stuck into this week’s stories to inform, inspire and get you asking the questions to evolve your marketing skill set. You know you want to.


Five New Ways to Watch Facebook Video


Facebook rolled out four major updates “that make watching video on Facebook richer, more engaging and more flexible.” These updates include autoplay sound that “fades in and out” and the option to minimize Facebook videos to a “picture-in-picture view”

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A New Instagram Report finds That Emoji’s Lead to Higher Interactions



Quintly wanted to dig deeper on how Instagram emojis are used, how often they are used on average and, most of all, we wanted to know if a post containing emojis receives a higher amount of interactions. The following Instagram emoji study reveals some great insights on how businesses can profit from emojis.

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Get Ready To Go Big with your Content Marketing in 2017 (and here’s how )




With the new year, well and truly under way, the biggest threat to your 2017 content marketing strategy is to delay it any longer. But it’s important you’re careful not to get lost in the crowd by producing stuff that doesn’t stand out from the deluge of content that's already out there.

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Snapchat starts selling spectacles online in the US for $130



Good News if you’ve been clamoring for your very own pair of Snapchat spectacles after all the Hype in the US. Surely it is only a matter of time before they get launched in Australia and we get used to the queue’s that they experienced in the US.

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BuzzFeed Tries to Break Readers Out of Their Social-Media Bubbles




BuzzFeed News, attempting to address a problem media companies have grappled with since the presidential election, introduced a feature to help readers see what people outside their social-media networks are saying about the news.

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What Counts as a Video View on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat? The Buffer Guide to Video Metrics  





Measuring the success of your video content can be a difficult task. Especially as almost every platform has a range of features and metrics. For example, some platforms count a video view as three seconds, others count a view as soon as you open a video. Some platforms auto-play videos, others don’t How are we supposed to keep up?

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Which Super Bowl 17 Ads Won Marketing’s Big Game?




Sports fans know who won Super Bowl 2017. But, a week later, video marketers aren’t really sure which of the 2017  Super Bowl ads won the big game. Why? Well, the outcome kinda, sorta depends on which metrics you happen to use.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Manifesto- The Vision for the Future




The CEO describes the next phase of Facebook in a nearly 6,000-word missive. It’s partly a response to the crises of fake news and polarization in the US; it’s also a statement about Facebook’s future goals as a company and as a platform.

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Video of the Week -Casey Neistat's Human Flying Drone


If you missed this at Xmas, this is influencer marketing on Steroids as Casey Neistat goes to town to bring a little holiday cheer on behalf of Samsung.