Welcome to Social Signals No 10 your weekly newsfeed of insights of what’s hot from the world of Social Media, Video and Content Marketing.

This week we examine the much-acclaimed marketing strategy behind Snapchat spectacles and start the yearly debrief of all that was good about 2016 with the Top 20 Most Viral Ads and Instagram's most tagged destinations.

We also Launch our new Digital Tool of the Week section, rule the roost over The Content Marketing Institute's 2017 Australia Report and examine why Airbnb is the poster child for localized User Generated Content that others can only follow.

All this and more when we get stuck into this week’s stories that will inspire, inform and make you laugh and cry as we begin the merry go round of corporate Xmas festivities and celebrate the beginning of the Australian Summer.  You know you want to.


The 20 Most Viral Ads of 2016




Christmas, the Olympics/Paralympics and OK Go are three reliable buckets for great advertising, and they all show up in Unruly's new list of the most shared ads of 2016.

No. 2 was made for the Paralympics we featured in social signals no 2  however,  The No1 Ad was Buster the Boxer from John Lewis.

So honestly do yourself a favour and spread some Xmas joy by sharing. 

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Why Location Experiences are key to Airbnb's New Holistic Travel Strategy




Airbnb announced that they are expanding their scope significantly, moving from a home-sharing business to a "holistic travel" company.

The new app features focus on three areas—experiences, places and homes—and the company plans to add flights and services in the future.

Find out why Airbnb are the leaders in the area of localized User-Generated content 

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With Maturity Comes Results for Australian Content Marketers [New Research]  




The Content Marketing Institute's new report 'Content Marketing Australia 2017 benchmarks, budgets and trends shows how organizations in the sophisticated/mature phase of content marketing differ from those in the early stages.

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Tool of The Week -Answer The Public




Answer The Public is an invaluable FREE keyword data visualization tool that provides content ideas on any topic. Simply go to http://answerthepublic.com/ and try it for yourself.


How Snapchat launched Spectacles - A marketing Case Study




With Snapchats spectacles launch earning rave reviews from consumer and marketers alike we take an in-depth look at the strategy they used to fuel the current fever pitch demand in the US.

If you thought queuing at the Apple shop was a thing, just wait until Spectacles get launched in Australia next year judging by the queues for spectacles at various hotspots around the US.

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The World's Favourite Instagram Travel Destinations of 2016




From food to hotels, from museums to the most popular destinations Instagram has revealed a treasure trove of insights about our habits on one of the most popular and well-loved social channels of 2016. 

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Confessions of an Instagram Influencer-How To Become An Instagram Star




Bloomberg Journo Max Chafkin goes undercover and tries to do everything to become a fully fledged Instagram star with the help of New York's Top Social Influencer casting agency socialite. The results will make you laugh and cry but this is the digital world we are living in.  

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Video of the Week: Ok Go -The One Moment


Indie rock band Ok Go are known as much for their innovative, award-winning videos as their music and their latest one is the brainchild of Morton Salt and is quite literally an explosion of colour.