Welcome to the Social Signals No 16, your fortnightly feed of insights and what’s hot from the world of Social Media, Video and Content Marketing. This week we find out what Facebook's new VR & AR platforms mean for marketers and talk exclusively to Content creator Matt Willis from Yelldesign about how to use short form video content more effectively.
Our video of the week is ‘The life of us’ from acclaimed Music Director Chris Milk who is now one of the hottest VR innovators and we can say wholeheartedly the hype is real having experienced the demo of this game for ourselves at Start VR's Kaleidoscope event in Sydney last week.   
If this wasn’t enough, we examine what the Fyre Festival Fiasco means for the future of celebrity Influencer marketing, examine the new video craze for satisfying videos and get to grips with Mik Mak attach, a new platform that lets you sell directly from Instagram and Snapchat. All this and more when you get stuck into this week’s stories to inform, inspire and get you fired up for the working week. You know you want to.


What do Facebook’s new VR and AR platforms Mean for Marketers? 


At Facebook's F8 2017 event, the unveiling of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology caused quite a stir. Whilst the AR features showcased are mostly still in private beta, the VR stuff is out there now to Oculus Rift owners. We take a look at the key functionality and what it could mean for marketers. 




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Social Video Campaigns are Winning Awards for Delivering Business Results    


Warc recently named it’s Top 100 marketing campaigns for 2016 and the top gong believe it or not went to an Australian company PSM’s  for thier ‘Penny The Pirate’ campign. What is perhaps so interesting about the list is that part of the criteria for these awards required entrants to show the business impact of social video campaigns. 




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Content Creator Matt Willis talks about How to use Social Video more Effectively 


As part of Evolve’s Social Video Guide For Brands, we caught up with short form content creator Matt Willis from Melbourne’s Yell Design who had some great advice for brands wanting to use short-form video content on social media more effectively.




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Brands are Cashing in On The New Satisfying Videos Craze  


“Satisfying video” clips feature repetitive tasks, perfect patterns in motion or machinery processes being completed in slow motion, with relaxing music. On Instagram, there are more than 265,000 posts under the hashtag #satisfyingvideos




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New Video platform MikMak let’s Brands Sell directly on Instagram and Snapchat    


MikMak Attach looks to be a promising e-commerce game changer, allowing users to stay on their social platforms while shopping at the same time.


mikmak attach


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One In Five Facebook Video’s are Live As It Seizes The Verb


While most people still aren’t sure what to broadcast, and some have misused the format for unsavory or criminal purposes, Facebook says one-fifth of the videos shared on its network are now Live videos. It’s also seen the Live broadcasting daily watch time grow 4X in the past year, according to Facebook’s head of video, Fidji Simo.


facebook live


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In The Wake of the Fyre Festival Fiasco will the Effectiveness of Celebrity Influencers Take a Hit?


It’s been all over the internet recently, numerous memes have been created and the festival pitch deck has been leaked and many are calling the event a case study of an influencer marketing fail but what does it all mean for the power of the celebrity influencer? 

fyre festival fiasco


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Snapchat is launching a new self-serve platform for Snap Ad’s to ramp up competition with Facebook



The Snapchat Ad Manager tool is aimed at making it easier for advertisers to buy video Snap Ads. The tool is available to a select group of test advertisers and will be more widely released in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Australia and other countries in June.



snap ads


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Video of The Week - Life of Us SXSW Demo


This week’s video of the week goes to the trailer to Chris Milk's 'Life of Us' VR game demo recently previewed at SXSW. This video explains what the experience is like so if you get the chance to experience the demo for yourself on HTC Vive. We can't recommend it highly enough.




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