In this week’s Social Signals we do a deep dive into the world of video marketing and bring you the latest insights from Social Media Week London last week on how and why you should adopt a Video First strategy and find out who dropped the bomb this year with the Top 2016 Social media fails so far.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed’s Tasty on Facebook was once again the most watched branded page in August in our wrap of the top pages and we find out how Aussie bad boys So Bad So Good created a trending video by going swimming with an IPhone7; move over Will it Blend. If that hasn’t wet your appetite enough yet we delve into the AR vs VR debate with Apple CEO Tim Cook to see which one he thinks will go mainstream first?  

Finally, we think our video of the week from McDoanld’s Brazil is the perfect video ad for the social mobile age, so watch it and make your own mind up and we’ll see you next week! 


5 Reasons To Adopt A Video First Content Marketing Strategy!   



The explosion of video on Facebook over the last 12 months has been nothing short of miraculous rising 800% from 1 billion to 8 billion views, so what does this mean for your content marketing and what are the tips and techniques you need to employ to use to get a better ROI on your video marketing via social?

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11 Worst Social-Media Fails in 2016 So Far 

It may only be September, but the Internet never sleeps, and neither do the social-media blunders.
From the Justice Department
 accidentally tweeting that CNN is the “biggest troll of them all” to Coca-Cola’s Russian map fail, these are some of the top “online oops” so far this year.

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How Every Food Photo You Delete From Instagram Is Donating Meals to People in Need 




Instagram feeds are littered with food-porn photos of burgers, ice cream concoctions, pizzas and more, but Land O'Lakes wonders if the thousands of users who share food photos every day ever stop to think about the thousands more who go hungry each day.

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Why Apple’s CEO Time Cooke prefers AR over VR


This was an interesting one and a topic that came up in conversation at last week’s VR/AR symposium at Convergence 03 here in Sydney but Tim Cook’s argument was that AR allows you to be more present.

Quite how it pans out only time will tell but if you want to check out one AR app that has great potential to use for digital campaigns check out Zappar who has a great range of case studies.

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265, 120 People Just Watched Our Video. This Is How We Did It.



Hat’s to the guys at Aussie Pop Culture site So Bad So Good for their experiment to see if they could get a trending video by finding out if the new I-Phone 7 really is water resistant. The results are most illuminating. 

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The Top Facebook Video Publishers: August 2016 Most-Popular  


If you’re into your stats and video insights you’ll love this post which uncovers which companies are producing the most watched videos on Facebook including a stuffed chicken video from Buzzfeed’s tasty channel that clocked in 71 million views. Holy Chicken Parma! 

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Twitter's new, longer tweets Have arrived


Good news the latest update of Twitter has cut down on which types of content count toward the 140-character limit. Media attachments (images, GIFs, videos, polls, etc.) and quoted tweets will no longer reduce the count therefore providing extra room for text to give you more flexibility composing messages.

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Video of the Week -McDonalds Brazil Drive Through


A very clever Ad design for the mobile newsfeed with a series of little story vignettes with messaging every 3-seconds that keep's you hooked so you want to know what is coming next