We first came across the name William Patino from Instagram Celebrity Lauren Bath who had just come back from Wollongong on the NSW South Coast raving about this photographer who does amazing landscapes so we had to find out what all the fuss was about..

Needless to say we were instantly drawn to his stunning landscape photography that shows off the NSW South Coast in all it’s splendour as well as some great images from trips to Canada, The Rocky Mountains and our very own Blue Mountains. 


However, when we dug a little deeper we found that the reason for William’s rise as a Instagram photographer is his clever use of a combination of great images, video and inspirational copy to build a deeper emotional connection with his audience

When I asked him about his work he said “I just try and capture landscapes in a light that most people haven’t seen before. I take most of my photos either at sunrise or sunset and what I’m really trying to do is capture surreal looking scene’s that are realistic.“

‘Iam just trying grab a glimpse of the beauty which i see about me and being able to share it is awesome. It‘s sets me free getting me out and about and exploring.”

What is interesting is to see how William has been quick to embrace Instagram video since its introduction and how this has added to his appeal by putting himself in front of the camera and helping build a relationship with the viewers. Was this something conscious I asked him?

“When I first heard the announcement I thought oh great this is going to ruin Instagram, But then I thought hang on it could be cool to show people a behind the scenes of the photo before I capture that moment.“

It was at first a reaction to those people who have questioned the surreal nature of my photos and their authenticity plus I also wanted to show people who I am as well because it’s hard to show what a person is like just through a photo & words alone.

It lets people share & experience the moment that led to creating a particular photo.” 

Milo accompanied me this morning as we checked out some epic reflections.

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Another important part of how William connects with his audience is the captions, thoughts and poetry that he uses as part of his posts on Instagram.

As anybody who posts content in social media will tell you it is the combination of great visuals and copy that helps engage the viewer and build an emotional connection with your audience and William’s clever use inspiring captions and poetry has seen his page consistently achieve rates of engagement normally associated for photographers with a lot larger followings than his own page.    

Recently featured on Instagram’s popular page William’s celebrity looks all set to grow as he was recently featured in Australian Photography magazine as part of their FIJI Films landscape photographer of the year contest which he was not slow in sharing his delight with his Instagram community. (as below) 

"As well as a whole range of different photography at the end of the day a lot of my inspiration does come from great landscape photographer’s similar to myself using digital DSLR’s and using Instagram as a platform to display their work.”

A few photographers work he recommends are @africatracks,   
@meghan_plowman, @larrymarshallphotography , @teidemike   

William will be taking photos for this year’s Sculpture by the Sea #SxSbondi13exhibition along with Lauren Bath so expect to see some stunning landscapes of this year’s Sculptures at the exhibition as you have never seen them before.

“Having two photographers the quality of William & Lauren for this year’s exhibition we are truly blessed” said Sculpture by the Sea founder David Handley. 

You can find William online at