According to new data revealed by Instagram this week from a study conducted by Hoop research into Australian Instagram usage, 48% of users say that Instagram is a good way to learn about new products and services. 

However, whilst brands are an accepted member of the Instagram community 68% also said that brands need to be creative to make an impact.

Instagram’s mantra is that the platform is a place for creativity, simplicity, community and inspiration and the challenge for brands to be successful on the platform is to adhere to these rules.

Compare this with a 32% rise in the numbers on the platform over the last 12 months to over 5 million monthly users in Australia and rates of engagement 18 times that of Facebook and Instagram will become an avenue more brands turn to help sell goods and services. 

Furthermore as from June 1 the carousel feature on the platform (for sponsored ads only) will allow users to click through to an advertisers website, a piece of functionality that have been sorely missing from the platform until now. It is in the words of Instagram’s ANZ lead, Sophie Blachford “a move towards becoming more e-commerce friendly model.”

Here are the other main findings of the research: 

• 8 – 34 is the most active age demographic in Australia
• 60% of Australian Instagrammers are female, 40% are male
• 70% of Australian Instagrammers use the platform every day
• Australian Instagrammers follow an average of 190 other profiles
• Australian Instgrammers have an average of 251 followers
• Only 24% of Australian Instagrammers are sharing video content
• Less than half (46%) of Australian Instagrammers use hashtags
• Australian Instagrammers share 7 posts per month on average (or 1 approximately every 4 Days)
• 48% of Australian Instagrammers say that the platform is a “great way to hear about new products and services”
• On average, Australian Instagrammers follow a combination of 6 main interests with the top 12 categories of interest being:
o Friends (61%)
o Photography (40%)
o Travel (39%)
o Food (36%)
o Fashion (32%)
o Music (32%)
o Fitness (28%)
o Health (25%)
o Retail (23%)
o Sport (23%)
o Artists (20%)
o Home (17%)
• 30% of Australian Instagrammers said that they would unfollow you if you weren’t inspiring
• 5% of Australian Instagrammers that have taken an action after seeing a sponsored post say they have bought something.

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