Six Australian Vine influencers you should follow

With the massive growth in short form mobile video content alongside the growing popularity of social networks like of snapchat, Instagram, and Vine it is no surprise that Australia is now boasting its own breed of vine talent.

Here are six established and up and coming Vine Influencers  to keep on your radar as the Aussie Viner community grows:

1. Jacko Brazier 491,400 followers

Genre: Comedy, Style: Six Second sketches, Subject: Himself/Interviews.

20 year old Funny guy Jacko from Melbourne has built a great following on Vine as an outlet for his brand of humour most recently scoring a gig for Buzz feed at the Logie Awards asking celebs to do impressions on the red carpet .This one with Megan Gale was an instant classic. Go Meagan!

2. Tee Ken NG  81,100 Followers

Genre: Audio Visual, Style: Stop Motion, Subject: Household items.

Following hot on the heels of Aussie flag bearers Yell Design Perth’s Tee Ken’s vines are beautifully crafted stop motion videos that have already had the likes of Samsung, Wrangler and Cisco all queuing up for his services.

3. Christopher Callan  18,800 Followers

Genre: Comedy, Style: Six second sketches, Subject: Star Wars/Himself.

Quirky writer musician Christopher fascination with Star wars know no bounds and I feel sure we will hear a lot more from him in the lead up to Star Wars VII –The Force Awakens. Knock yourself out Chris!

4. Sarah Ellen  426,800 followers

Genre: Fun/Cute

Style: Six Second Sketches 

Subject: Herself & her Dog 

Funny teenager Sarah rose to prominence a few years ago with her quirky eyebrows video on YouTube and quickly became a Supre ambassador and as a result has built a solid vine following. When she’s not posting playful vines of her dog she loves to pull a face or two. Something not lost on her adorning 400,000 fan base us included.

5. Ryan Pernofski 204,100 Followers

Genre: Visual /Soundtrack  

Style: Slow motion   

Subject: Surfing 

A uniquely Aussie feed of stunning surf and coastal photography captured on a IPhone 6 with a great soundtrack–We could quite literally get lost in his vines all day. Great work!

6. Joel Bergs 186,700 Followers

Genre: Comedy

Style: Six second sketches 

Subject: Poking fun at relationships and everyday teenage male life Joel cleverly uses snippets of film to provide a uniquely Aussie feed of his own personal brand of humour. Love the classic Aussie dancing sketch here.

If there are any other Aussie Viner’s you follow we’d love to hear from you! 


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