Welcome to Social Signals No11 as we highlight the best of 2016 and what’s in store for 2017 from the world of Social Media, Video and Content marketing.

There are important new updates for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, and we look at the year in memes, the rise of AR whilst Marc Zuckerberg takes us on a journey into the future with his Personal AI Assistant and we examine what next year’s trends for both digital and Video are.

Until next year we wish you the very best for the festive Season and look forward to enjoying your company again in 2017. You know you want to.


6 Digital Trends in 2017 That Will Redefine Influence and Interaction for Marketers



In 2016, we've seen mobile and social completely redefine how people interact with one another as well as with brands. Edelman Digital's annual trends predictions for 2017 see the challenge for marketers being to execute what we know works today with what we believe will work tomorrow.

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Mark Zuckerberg debuts AI assistant voiced by Morgan Freeman


Forget Siri. When Mark Zuckerberg wants an AI assistant, he recruits the "Voice of God."The Facebook (FB, Tech30) CEO and co-founder posted a video teasing an artificial intelligence application on Tuesday that he built for his home, voiced by none other than actor Morgan Freeman. 

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2016 was supposed to be the year of VR. Instead, augmented reality ruled



All signs pointed to a revolution: Powerful VR headsets — Facebook’s Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive and Sony’s PlayStation VR were about to make their official, consumer-ready debuts, while Google's Cardboard and Samsung's Gear VR we're making noise in mobile. The stage was set for 2016 to be the year virtual reality took off. 

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The Year In Memes



Whatever else you might say about 2016, it was the greatest year yet for meme culture. Dozens of large and highly productive internet subcultures collided this year with mainstream cultural consumers.

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Facebook introduces Live 360 Video rolling out in 2017


Facebook announced “a new way to go live on Facebook” with Live 360. The new format combines the ability to share “an immediate, authentic window into what’s happening in the world right now” with Live video that “immerses viewers fully into the scene, letting them explore on their own and experience a new environment” in 360 degrees. 

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8 Predictions for Digital Video in 2017



Some might argue 2016 has been the year of Digital Video! And it's fair to say we now live in a multiscreen world in which content is consumed on demand and everywhere, and that video offers unparalleled opportunities to tell brand stories. Here are some of the biggest opportunities and challenges for digital video in 2017. 

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Instagram Live Video is here



Instagram's biggest update yet will soon be available to a lot more people. The app is now starting to bring its live-streaming features to everyone, whilst U.S. users began to have access steadily since last week Australia will have access "over the coming weeks," according to the company. 

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Snapchat Adds Four New features including Group Chat



Snapchat last week revealed 4 new features for its app, as it pushes forward to become as popular as possible in the face of increasing competition in what's becoming an arms race in terms of which app has the best features, alongside Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope and others. 

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Video of the Week -Barbie: Imagine the Possibilities


Voted YouTube Ad of 2016 and one of our office favourites this Ad from Mattell packs a powerful message empowering young girls to pursue their dreams.