In this week’s Social Signals, we've got a mixed bag of goodies for you, from the best Buzzfeed images and why they went viral & why video is the future of marketing! 

We also uncover how Woolworths has turned to Augmented Reality to engage with Aussie kids and Adidas is attempting to redefine influencer marketing through Dark Social.

If this isn’t enough we share with you the 6 essential steps to run your own Snapchat takeover and the good news is that despite us being bombarded with social messages on a daily basis the positive ones really do outweigh the negative according to a new social science study. 

So until next week we encourage you watch our video of the week and send a positive wish to some you don’t know that well via social and make their day! You know you want to.   


The Future of Marketing lies with YouTube & Facebook Video

The Hubspot 8th State of Inbound Report asked 4,500 B2B, B2C, small, and mid-sized businesses what content distribution channels do you plan to add to your marketing in the next 12 months. The results put video marketing front and center.

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The Most Popular Buzzfeed Images: Why They Went Viral 




Shareable images are key for content marketers. When we publish any type of online content, from blogs to videos, we include branded images for visual appeal, resulting in better comprehension, SEO benefits, and better shareability. 

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Adidas on redefining influencer marketing through dark social    




Adidas is hoping to change the face of influencer marketing with the launch of Tango Squads,communities of hyper-connected football obsessives operating on direct messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Line.

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Woolworths Australia turns to Augmented Reality to drive engagement with kids !   


Still running but we couldn't wait to share with you, this campaign has been driving an incredible response from Australian kids! Engagement levels many times beyond the best previous AR retail campaign in this market. Kids love AR so no doubt they're teaching their parents too.  To find out more about this campaign contact 




6 Steps to Launch The Perfect Snapchat Takeover

Snapchat’s high levels of engagement and growing audience of teenage and millennial users make the platform perfect for launching marketing collaborations with digital influencers. Top social media influencers are reporting between 300,000 and 400,000 views per Snapchat Story, according to Adweek, and Snapchat now claims 2 million daily active users in Australia.

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New Data Suggests Social Media Brings Out The Best In Us, After All

Social media isn’t just another way to communicate—it’s an emotional roller coaster. Signing onto Twitter or Facebook means being bombarded with news articles, gossip, advice, daily musings, and earth-shattering life events. And research has shown that, often, it makes us feel terrible. However,A new study now says the positive emotions associated with social media generally outweigh the negative ones.

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Video of the Week -Pixel Phone by Google


It was a toss up between this video and the new Ken Block's GYMKHANA NINE video but this won out because it is a great product video example that works well on social switching between imagery and simple messaging to hold your attention throughout. We also can't wait to buy one !